• flairz for RETAILERS
    Deliver valuable content to shoppers in-store when it matters most.

The fastest way to grow your business with the leader in Retail Analytics Capture new customers, increase basket size and earn incremental ad revenue from brands

flairz for Retailers

Secure, personalized and micro-location based information and offers delivered to shoppers and analytics delivered to retailers and brands, all within the scope of the FLAIRZ App and signals emitting from strategically placed beacons.

Campaign & Conversion Analytics help Retailers and Brands understand

  • Impact on Sales
  • Impact on Traffic and Dwell Times
  • Impact on Conversion Rate
  • Impact on Customer Loyalty

with an easy to measure ROI

Our Features

Increase Sales

by increasing your marketing presence inside your retail space, provide targeted offers and get a larger share of the CPG marketing budget

Gain Insights

into your customer's behavior while they're shopping - segmented by demographics and behavioral patterns - resulting in


can sell more by increasing their marketing presence within retail stores – where it matters most for shoppers – all within the scope of the Flairz App and the signals emitting from strategically placed beacons


your customers with location-specific targeted information and offers