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Flairz is all about focusing on the fact that today's shoppers are very discriminating. They are willing to share their profile information with retailers and brands, but only if they receive enough value through information and offers that are personalized to them and their preferences.

About Flairz

Flairz provides an App for the consumer's smartphone that they can use in their favourite stores to receive information and special offers based on their preferences and their micro-location within the store. Retailers and brands just need to sign up with Flairz to provide this capability to their customers. For the shopper, it is an App that is free for them to download and easy for them opt-in to their favourite retail or brand experience.

For the retailer or brand, Flairz provides micro-location in-store intelligence by capturing and leveraging the shopper's location, whether it is outside the store, in the entry to the store or browsing inside the store.

Information and offers presented to the connected shopper are micro-location based and personalized to each shopper's preferences. The information and offers presented are based on a proprietary algorithm that combines the in-store micro-location derived from the Flairz edge devices and shopper profile based recommendation engine.